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Home Express Program


Accelerated High School Completion Program

If you are 16 years or older, and were not able to complete high school, our course by course accredited comprehensive 24 credit curiculum is designed to provide you in acheiving a higher quality of life.� Whether pursuing a college degree, a promotion on the job or become more competitive for today�s job market.� The material is simple to follow and easy to read.� You will be required to complete all course studies/final exams at our campus.

If you are planning on joining the military please check with your recruiter to insure that this program will �be benificial towards you enlisting in the military.� Inform your recruiter that you are attending a private adult accelerated program designed for you to earn 24 credits in our course by course comprehensive program. All military students must be enrolled in said program for a minimum of nine months. The material is simple to follow and easy to read and all classwork, and �final exam must be completed at our on site testing center.

Graduates of this specific program once approved by the branch in the military you will be classified as Tier 1 candidate.
(Students at least 16 years old are able to participate in this program restrictions may apply)



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7 Day Guarantee