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My goal was to find a better job but, without a high school diploma it was impossible so I enrolled at America’s National Christian Academy, and there they gave me the necessary tools I need to achieve my goals. I graduated and received my high school diploma and received a job promotion. Later on I attended Gideon Nursing School and graduated as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I give thanks and praise to Almighty God and the dedicated staff at America’s National Christian Academy for helping me to realize that DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

Remona Jennings

I am extremely happy that I was able to earn my high school diploma. America’s National Christian Academy is an amazing school; they gave me the opportunity to complete all of my class work in the convenience of my home. The caring staff made sure that I understood all of the materials, and was always available to answer all of my questions. Presently, I am attending TCC, and in the fall of 2011 I will attend Texas Wesleyan College. Thank you, America’s National Christian Academy, for allowing me to broaden my future and excel.

Cameron Jackson

I was unemployed, could not find a job, and did not complete high school. I enrolled in the high school diploma program at America’s National Christian Academy and had the opportunity to complete my high school education and received my high school diploma. Presently, I am employed at Progressive Roofing. I thank the professional staff at America’s National Christian Academy for allowing me such a great and precious opportunity.

Cory Love

I graduated from America’s National Christian Academy and earned my High School Diploma. My dream was to always have my own day care, and because the caring professionals at ANCA I was able to not only get my High school Diploma but , I went on to College and earned my Associates in Child Development. I’m now looking forward to going back to college and complete my education in Early Childhood Education

Rosie Joseph



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